Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making Hallowe'en, pt. 8 (with a little help).

Hello again, everybody, good to see you all!

Looks like it's been busy in here lately -- seems about right for a Hallowe'en pub.

I've been busy too, of course, making Hallowe'en things, and particularly, Poefixins™ .

I give you one Red Death:
He looks ten times more atmospheric and cool in real life (I am trying
refine my camera's settings, dagnabbit!) but I'm pleased. Very pleased.
The big clockface comes next.  *sigh* ...I'll never get it all done.

The best part was that for this session of Poefixins™, I had some help in the laboratory from the one and only Kiara!

Is that a cool skull decoration or what?
You let the kid go with some markers and a blowmold skull, and 
the next thing you know you've got a contender for an El Dio
De Los Muertos celebration -- way to go Keek!

She seems to get a big kick out of it too:

And as she so often does, she thought it would be best to make a 
goofy pirate face when I took this one.
I hope that goofiness never goes away.
Oh, I must point out that she "had to make decorations like Pa in Pa's basement listening to Pa's music," so I put on some Darol Anger/Barbara Higbie (the same group who gave us the S&P's official incidental music, Pumpkintime), and she just bounced all over the seat while coloring that skull.

I thought it might be fun for you to hear the song she loved most (and had to hear a dozen times in a row!) -- it's the last tune in the jukebox now, Movie. It's a track from their 1982 album Tideline.

I've heard it a thousand times over 28 years, but now it will always be Kiara. 

Little wonder she took to it so. It actually sounds like her.

And what's this?
Besides part of my radio collection, it's the beginning of
the next installment of the Lean Bros. & Ghoul!

More musical makin's to come soon.



  1. Hey! I wanna make a cool skull! I want to make a pirate face! I like Zom-BEES! C'mon, pick me, pick me!

  2. That is a cool skull. One of our graveyard minions in training has her own set of "coloring book" skulls (that is what we call them) they are fantastic.

    Red Death looks awesome....just as I thought it would :)

    Great work and thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks your majesty! If I can impress the Master of Hooded Skeletons with a hooded skeleton of my own, it's a real compliment. :-)

    And Mandy, the only reason she was able to do all of that is because really there is NO ROOM in this little basement and she only takes up about a square foot of room.

    BUT, there may come a day next week when I want all three of you here to make some things for Boo Corner and possibly the Treat Room as well. AND Vasken's again. We'll work it out.

  4. Quite a little artist you've got there, Mike. I'm imoressed by her choice of colors. And Kiara has great taste in music. Thats a snappy happy little number.

    And, what can I say? Mr Red Death is fantastic! Goes to show, there's life in the old ghoul yet!

    DDSP and Meltybeads and put a hot chocolate for Kiara on my tab, will ya?

  5. Done and done, Fester. Kiara thanks you... and it's good to hear from you after your absence. Hallowe'en rapidly approaches!