Friday, October 1, 2010


It has happened.

Like it does every year at this time, though it often feels like it will never come.

It has happened.


Images of things which are simply October to me. 
Some of them are October to you too, perhaps; some are
none the worse for having been posted here before.

 Taken in our own backyard, Fall, 2004.

 Our cat, Halli (short, of course, for Hallowe'en).

When the old grandfather clock here at the ol' S&P hit midnight, the Hallowe'enith console radio began to crackle and whistle, and now there are some changes in programming.

First, a rather disturbing and interesting little radio drama from 1970, called The Peoria Plague. Rather like the classic Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast from 1938, this airplay is at once charming, amateur, and very effective. Devote the time, and it will pay off handsomely, I promise.

Up next in the ol' radio, a little mix of radio spookery of my own creation. The Pumpkin Glow of Your Old Radio has been  presented in the S&P's jukebox before, but I think it works well in the Hallowe'enith too, and should probably hang out there for the month.

Speaking of jukeboxes...

I've added some ear candy from my own files, medleys of-a-theme I whomped up to send to family and friends during the Hallowe'en season over the years.

First, we have clips and songs devoted to Monsters. Then, the same tribute to A Brew of Witches, then a miscellaneous Autumn Mix of goofy, rank amateur 'scary album' goodness.

I have decided to return to the playlist a very fun treat, a fully stereo '3D' binaural ride-through of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Plug in your headphones, close your eyes, and let your mind wander where hinges creak in doorless chambers, where strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls...

The final month before our Big Night... the last month of work, play, decoration, bright cool days and woodsmokey cool evenings is upon us.

Happy October, everyone.



  1. Happy October. But you may have to explain the doughnuts. :/

  2. Like I said, these are things that are October to me. Where I grew up, Winchell's was *the* donut place, and Hallowe'en always meant a few boxes of Winchell's Hallowe'en assortment on the treat table at Grandma's house!

  3. Yeee-Haw!

    It is finally October! I swear, today was ten or twelve degrees cooler than last September(yesterday)! And today, my Hawthorne trees started turning colors too! Its like someone flipped the "Fall" switch.

    Ohh, Winchells! Them and hot cocoa! Save a chocolate frosted with orange sprinkles for me!

    DDSP and Meltybeads to all!!!

  4. "Save a chocolate frosted with orange sprinkles for me!"

    No prob Fester... but you'd better hurry!

    DDSP and Meltybeads right back!