Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Ghoul Goes Western Electric, pt. 1

Hello long-suffering S&Pbrains!

Monsterpalooza is rapidly approaching, and my ill-timed but very needed stretch of emotional learning and grieving has not stopped me from working on this year's submission to the Museum.

Oh, ol' Edward Van Bone will be back -- he made a real splash last year and I think he ought to head up the Museum every year -- but I've been working on a new figure.

Oh, I know I'd mentioned perhaps having Ray Bradbury and Uncle Forry having a long-awaited discussion now that they're both in the realm of Prince Sirki, but that was simply not to be. Not enough time or resources.

Sometimes life is just like that. No one's going to be injured. I'll take it.

But I still wanted to tribute Papa Ray, so pondering his Walt Whitman-inspired 'I Sing The Body Electric', the idea of a Raybot, of Bradbury's own Body Electric, came to me in a sparking, zapping, giggling dream.

Here he is so far...

He needed those steel blue eyes to be lit, and his neck (along with the rest of his Body Electric, which I'll be working on today) is comprised, I am happy to say, of old radio parts. There's something very apt about that, to me. Vintage radio. I'll take it.

More to come, but I had to update today.

I hope you are all enjoying your first day of Spring. Out here, the S&P is awaiting a big winter storm.

Apparently the weather guys didn't get the memo.