Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en.

It happened again.

God bless it, the day is here.

I think what I wrote last year is so apt that it bears repeating. And since Hallowe'en is a day that takes place outside of time, I feel like every Hallowe'en is part of the same long, wondrous day and night, like we're just picking up from where we left off the year before.

Friends, family, all Autumn People... this is for us.



It is here.

Our day, and most thrillingly, our Night.

It is the New Year celebration of an ancient world, and an ancient celebration of what has come and gone, what may lie ahead, and what our place will be in whatever comes.

It is the birthday of childhood fears, but the anniversary of casting those fears away, all at once.

Even as it changes with time and tide, it has never disappointed.

It calls us to come out and play again, to talk and laugh and scream and chase and run as the children we still are, will always be, no matter how we try to hide it.

It sets the sun a pumpkin orange, carries leaves on a woodsmoke wind to tap our windows, scratch our memories, to tickle and reawaken our love -- our need -- for the Tall Tale, the Scary Story, the Fright.

It is yours, and it is mine, and it connects us across miles.

It does not teach us to fear -- we already know fear quite well. It doesn't say 'See? Here are horrors you wouldn't know but for Me.'

No. Like all Fantasy, which is itself a child of our darkest primal nights, it does not teach children that there are dragons. They already know that.

                                             It just shows us all that dragons can be slain.

It is our secret satisfaction at the puzzle unsolved, our continuous joy at the Great Mystery, for it is the stating and confronting of our most primal fear... and because it is the facing of our own death, it boldly and blessedly reminds us to live while we are alive.

                                                                It is Hallowe'en.

It is today, and tonight. God, what a gift.

The Skull & Pumpkin wishes all of you a meaningful, magical, and mystical Hallowe'en, wherever you may be.

A toast, raise them up high now:


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Hallowe'en Tree, pt 5.

"The pumpkins on the tree were not mere pumpkins. Each had a face sliced in it, each face was different. Every nose was a weirder nose, every mouth smiled hideously in some new way. A thousand grimaces and twice-times-a-thousand glares of fresh cut eyes. Each blink held the remnant holiday spirit of years gone by."
Ray Bradbury, The Hallowe'en Tree, 1972

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tick, tick, tick...

Two days.

 "Oh God... give me time!"

Actually, I'm having a ball. The set up, the anticipation, the anxiety and giggling and enjoying...

As Ray Bradbury wrote in his October 1975 essay in Reader's Digest, Tricks! Treats! Gangway!:


And as for tradition, I'm living up to that too...

It's magic time.

I sure hope every one of you is enjoying their Hallowe'en week.

Two days.



Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hallowe'en Tree, pt. 4

A short treat for all you dear S&Pbrains -- a quick video teaser of just a few of the beautiful pumpkins we're receiving for our Hallowe'en Tree, as they flicker and glow on the main stairs of the ol' Skull & Pumpkin...

I can't wait to see how it looks with all of them dangling like leaves from the gnarled old tree...



Monday, October 15, 2012

Work, work work...

Hello dear S&Pers!

I KNOW I've been notably absent this month, and I have no excuses but that Life is what it is.

I beg your forgiveness and appeal to your Autumn-Lovin' Hearts for understanding.

I will say, though, that I have been working on Hallowe'en 2012. Of course I have -- I just haven't been posting about it as I usually do.

Perhaps it's because there's not much new to post about; we are waiting on more pumpkins to arrive, and when we get the Hallowe'en Tree going, I will post all about it.

But for now, I have been bringing our animatronic figures back to life, brushing from their shoulders the dust of a year of storage, rewiring, powering, and programming.

Until The Big Night, they shall live in my bedroom...

They will soon be joined by the Great Pumpkin, who will have some new dialogue this year.

And of course, Mr. Moundshroud needs his suit and cape.

More later.

I hope you are all enjoying your October.

It's magic.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Your cheatin' blog...

... is gonna tell on you.

Actually, they ain't no cheatin' goin' on -- and why am I using redneck talk?

I just wanted everyone to take a gander over at ShellHawk's Nest, and be sure to follow her October-long guest blogger series, Favorite Urban Legends.

Currently, my own humble contribution (thanks for the invite, Shell!) has just been posted there, but since I haven't posted here in a little while, I thought perhaps some of you might think I'm cheatin' on the S&P with ShellHawk's Nest.

Nope. We're just good friends.

But if you want to follow this fun guest blogger series and read up on The Hook Killer of Lovers Lane, now's a good time.

Go on. I'll see you back here when you're done.

You're still my true love, you ol' Skull & Pumpkin.


Monday, October 1, 2012



Happy October, dear Hallowe'en family.

Here we go.