Friday, September 30, 2011


October smolders, crackles, flies, floats, breezes to the door.

Almost here.

One more night.

The waiting is almost over...

The spirits will be rising very, very shortly.

Enjoy the last of September, S&P-brains!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn is here.

Well... it's here.

For Autumn People, the finest, grandest, subtlest, simply the greatest season of the year.

Even the gnarled old bridge and path to the front door of the Skull & Pumpkin is glad...

In honor, I have added to the jukebox a solo piano piece I composed and subsequently recorded quite some time ago, during a crisp, thundery, bright-dark Fall afternoon, when the sun lit the treetops on fire, but the clouds blackened the skies beyond, and the rain only occasionally made it to the rooftop.

I have called it Autumn Storm.

You may call it whatever you wish, as long as it makes you feel the way I did that day, and every day like it (and blessedly, there are many in Autumn).

Progress on Plan '11 continues. 

I'll update soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather, the music, and each other -- Autumn People, this is our time to shine.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plan '11 for Hallowe'en, pt. 2

Well... sort of.

I must apologize to my faithful followers, all of you wonderful Autumn Folk who frequent this homely house.

I have been so stupidly busy with work and other commitments that I haven't been a very good pubkeep.

The thing is, this is the first Autumn in a long, long time that has me working morning and night, and it does not leave me much time for updating and picture-taking and all the fun things I've usually done this time of year here at the ol' S&P.

Now, this does not mean I am not working on things -- oh no, Hallowe'en is definitely in the making here...

I am building and designing and deciding and digging and gluing and bending and painting and generally being the madman I tend to be for Hallowe'en...

... but this year it's all coming quite a bit later than usual, and I find myself more than a little concerned that I have let too much time go by to really give it all my all.

I don't have any worries that I'll miss Hallowe'en -- that will simply never, never happen -- but I got taken out of my usual game this Summer and things will be a little more old school, a little less savvy, but surely a bit more analog... and perhaps, simply, a bit more fun.

A bit more Ed, I guess I can say.

We're working on it.

It won't be a new animatronic figure, but what the hell -- I have pirates, a skeleton band, a raven, a Great Pumpkin and an Uncle Forry -- who's going to gripe?

Back to basics, back to fun, back to making magic whenever, wherever, however we can, right?

Don't worry... the monsters will arrive on Lone Pine this year...

They always do.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Plan '11 for Hallowe'en, pt. 1

"Alright Bela... action!"

"Lobo! You vill gather for me... de materials... to bilt a Hallove'en display! 
Do as I commant!"


"Later -- that very evening..."


"Yessss! Dis vill be a Hallove'en display... vich vill conquer de vorld!"

"I sure hope they know what the hell they're doing..."


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Embers of Summer.


We enter the 'Embers.

And say goodbye to the embers of the previous season.

The sun sets on Summer...

... and rises in orange, leafy glory on Autumn.

I will not load the player with all manner of Septemberish tunes like I did last year.

That was fun, but this is better.

I have been so busy and stressed lately that many of my life's loves have been nearly -- but never fully -- forgotten.

Yet now all I need do is look at these images, and listen to the three piano solos in the ol' player, and all is again right and whole.

From George Winston's beloved and influential 1980 album Autumn, come my three favorite pieces: Colors/Dance, Longing/Love, and the perfect meditation on a breezy, balmy Fall evening, Stars.


Just... find your favorite Fall things.

Surround yourself with them as you listen to these solos.

And for sure... light a candle.

It's only three weeks away.

Welcome, Autumn.