Thursday, September 1, 2011

Embers of Summer.


We enter the 'Embers.

And say goodbye to the embers of the previous season.

The sun sets on Summer...

... and rises in orange, leafy glory on Autumn.

I will not load the player with all manner of Septemberish tunes like I did last year.

That was fun, but this is better.

I have been so busy and stressed lately that many of my life's loves have been nearly -- but never fully -- forgotten.

Yet now all I need do is look at these images, and listen to the three piano solos in the ol' player, and all is again right and whole.

From George Winston's beloved and influential 1980 album Autumn, come my three favorite pieces: Colors/Dance, Longing/Love, and the perfect meditation on a breezy, balmy Fall evening, Stars.


Just... find your favorite Fall things.

Surround yourself with them as you listen to these solos.

And for sure... light a candle.

It's only three weeks away.

Welcome, Autumn.


1 comment:

  1. I find myself looking forward to Autumn more and more each year. It is the only time the temperature can drop a good 10° but the trees catch fire. In. Love.