Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A quick request...

UPDATE: As of last night, the funds came through, the Bob & Kathy Burns documentary is going to be produced! I appreciate everyone who visited the site and donated. 

I look forward to this film so much... I hope you do too!

Thanks again!

Hello, loyal patrons.

Don't get up, please stay in your chairs, on your stools, wherever you are currently lounging here at the ol' S&P.

I just want to ask you all to think about visiting a Kickstarter page for this amazing new project/film:

The one and only Bob Burns has been a hero to all of us Monster and Hallowe'en Kids for decades. His work in early genre films as an actor, effects man and make-up artist (and most notably as Kogar the Gorilla in numerous films, shows and ads) deserves high praise, and his collection of movie memorabilia amassed over a lifetime is second to none.

This movie MUST get made.

Here's a few snippets of bio straight from Bob Burns' website:

BOB BURNS has a long and varied career in the horror and science fiction field. He began as an apprentice to legendary makeup man Paul Blaisdell in the mid 1950s. Burns helped build the monsters in Invasion Of The Saucermen, The She Creature and It Conquered the World...

... Considered the godfather of Halloween by his many fans, Burns spent over 20 years creating Halloween extravaganzas in his hometown of Burbank, California. The elaborate shows became the proving ground for some of today's biggest names in special effects including Academy Award winners Rick Baker and Dennis Muren.

I could go on, but the point is, Bob Burns, his wife Kathy and their incredible story is being turned into a documentary helmed by the also-incredible artist Frank Deitz, and only our help can bring it to life, and they only have eight more days to get the remaining 30 or so percent raised. Otherwise no one gets anything, and the world will be short one wondrous documentary it desperately needs.

This is a very worthy project. We need this film!

I hope you'll consider it.

As you were. Back to the mellow madness of the S&P...


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