Sunday, September 23, 2012


It has arrived.

As is promised every Winter, and remembered come Spring, and anticipated with sweat, longing and torment all Summer long...

Autumn is here.

And now you can listen to it.

On our jukebox, in two parts, I offer the entire George Winston solo piano masterpiece Autumn.

It is presented in two parts for two reasons:
1. The songs are listed as three September pieces, and four October pieces, and
2. The hosting site stopped letting paying users upload multiple files and I would not have otherwise been able to get it all loaded before, oh, April 27th, 2305.

Still, here are the songs in order on the album back...

It may not last long. Some non-understanding suit from Time-Warner or Sony or wherever may soon come calling with a cease-and-desist or something, even though you cannot download it from here and we are a free, non-profit, All Hallow's kinda pub.

So, like the Season itself -- enjoy, relish it, devour it while you can.

Like the last set of tunes from our jukebox occasionally remarked, it's our time to shine.

And shine darkly, shall we all.

Goodbye, Summer.

Happy Autumn 2012, dear friends of the Skull & Pumpkin.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Ye best be caterwaulin' this a'way today, me poppets...


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hallowe'en Tree, pt. 3

Happy Almost-Autumn, or, as I have never called it until now, 'Falmost.'

Work is always calling at this time of year, and even if I always state my belief that there are far worse problems to have than lots of work, it does make the free moments to enjoy Fall that much more rare and special.

And as for making Hallowe'en, it takes its toll.

But I will not be stopped.

Just a few things this time around, but important progress.

First, Mr. Moundshroud has found some color and detail...

"He looks like the 'Salem's Lot vampi-*SLAP!* No he doesn't.

He needs to find some pupils.

I think. I don't know. What do you think? Does he need pupils?

Also, guess what?

The pumpkins are beginning to arrive...

 Thank you Paul, Gianna, Todd, Devin, Aidan and all the others here and on their way.

I sure hope we can make something that will live up to our vision.

And with a little Hallowe'en magic I'm sure we all can.

More to come.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Again, the 'embers.

Well, dear friends, it's happened.

It is September.

The end of Summer, the beginning of the greatest season of the blessed year.

And there is still just time enough to make a real Hallowe'en.

Not that a real Hallowe'en has to be made -- Hallowe'en happens all by its glorious self -- but for we haunting types, September is the deadline month, the time of do-or-die, of now-or-never, of damnit-where's-that-glue-gun-and-why-haven't-you-been-to-storage-yet?

But this year, I am sort of combining September with October... though I suppose for true Hallowe'en types they're sort of the same long, lovely month anyway.

I could call it 'Septober,' but that's kind of lame and besides, it's already a Martian word -- when it is December on Earth, it is Septober on Mars. Just ask Chochem.

Still, because I am making little distinction between the two, I am therefore not adding September-specific songs to the ol' S&P Jukebox. Instead, for the next two months, I am just going to keep adding and changing all of my favorite Hallowe'en music, the things I have in constant rotation while creating Hallowe'en here at the Skull & Pumpkin.

Of course, there are two songs on the S&P Jukebox that never leave, that always retain their opening and closing positions -- The Great Pumpkin Waltz (our official theme song) and Pumpkintime (our official incidental score).

But for the beginning of Septob -- ah-ha! almost got me doing it, darn you! --  September, I think a visit with dear old friends is needed.

For your enjoyment and edification, the Skull & Pumpkin presents the entire 1967 original motion picture soundtrack from our beloved Rankin/Bass favorite, Mad Monster Party!


Yes, every recorded note of composer/music director Maury Laws' greatest (don't argue) score is available for your creepy listening delight right here on that jukebox over there to the upper right.

Oh, such mad monstery music...

... just the thing to have blaring from your speakers while whipping up all manner of All Hallow's goodness, waiting for the gathering on the Big Night.

It's a classic, and a tradition, and even if you already have this in your collection, it's nice to have it all available as we commune at the S&P to share our Autumn People... uh, personhood.

Much like your very life, it won't be available forever, so enjoy it while you may.

And what's coming up next on the jukebox?

Much like your very afterlife... who the Hell knows?

So... enjoy.

There is more Hallowe'en-making mayhem to come.