Sunday, September 4, 2011

Plan '11 for Hallowe'en, pt. 1

"Alright Bela... action!"

"Lobo! You vill gather for me... de materials... to bilt a Hallove'en display! 
Do as I commant!"


"Later -- that very evening..."


"Yessss! Dis vill be a Hallove'en display... vich vill conquer de vorld!"

"I sure hope they know what the hell they're doing..."



  1. Haha, Yeah Criswell had the best hair in Plan 9. :)

  2. Not enough Kelton! We want Kelton!

    Also, more Criswell.

  3. Oh, there will be Kelton. AND Cris. They will be portrayed by the long-running ensemble cast of my display -- I have a feeling Ficketts does a fine Kelton, and perhaps a certain raven knows how to give a really fine Criswellian oration...