Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn is here.

Well... it's here.

For Autumn People, the finest, grandest, subtlest, simply the greatest season of the year.

Even the gnarled old bridge and path to the front door of the Skull & Pumpkin is glad...

In honor, I have added to the jukebox a solo piano piece I composed and subsequently recorded quite some time ago, during a crisp, thundery, bright-dark Fall afternoon, when the sun lit the treetops on fire, but the clouds blackened the skies beyond, and the rain only occasionally made it to the rooftop.

I have called it Autumn Storm.

You may call it whatever you wish, as long as it makes you feel the way I did that day, and every day like it (and blessedly, there are many in Autumn).

Progress on Plan '11 continues. 

I'll update soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather, the music, and each other -- Autumn People, this is our time to shine.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait for fall to official hit where I live. That bridge is awesome!

  2. That was beautifully written. The "Autumn People" remind me of Something Wicked This Way Comes. :)

  3. Thanks wicKED, I hope the best Fall weather gets to you soon!
    And Justine, I'm glad to remind you of that (and funny, it's the name of wicKED's blog too!). By the way, I did a piece on Bradbury's Autumn People last year, you can it read here:
    Thanks for the comments, folks, really appreciated.

  4. It's still 80° here. Makin' it hard to get into the holiday spirit.

  5. I understand, Mantan. For a few days here we got back into a sweaty upper 80s thing and my entire life seemed to become Summer again. Ugh! Movin' on!