Friday, April 13, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. Eleven the Thirteenth!


Early morning. Early... early morning.

But entirely worth it.

Lookit what happened...

Go to KTLA's site to view the other video segments from this morning's shoot. Thank you Allie McKay! Much love to you.

And I am very glad we got the sign and the 'old' microphone put together last night -- this morning they really completed the look...

Another "I'm so glad" -- our little Edward Van Bone gets to do his thing right alongside the stunning masterpieces exhibited by the amazing multimedia artist, Daniel R. Horne!

It's truly an honor to be displaying right here, beckoning guests first to such artistic wonder as Daniel's. 

I am a lucky man.

Much more to come, I'm sure... but right now I think I need a na---*



1 comment:

  1. Cool appearance!

    Looks like a great time will be had by all there. Congrats on the TV plug too.