Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. 14

I have been organizing my photos and videos from this past-a-palooza weekend, and I thought it was about time I started passing around some of that cool, cool monstery goodness I promised, it seems ages ago...

 Casey Wong's Frankenstein. The Monster is loose!

A modest tribute to the recently passed Henry Alvarez. Rest in peace, amigo.

 I loved this Aragon tribute to Jack Pierce!

 More of Daniel R. Horne's genius.

 Adam Dougherty's brilliant vintage Hallowe'en table -- this is getting
its own post soon. Way too much awesomeness to include this time around.

 Oh, here's another Dougherty masterpiece:

 Midnight Studios FX had their usual eye-catching booth.

 All I can remember about this guy is his name: Sam Hain. Cute!

 Another Midnight Studios FX piece.

 A superb mockup of Tony Todd's newly zombified Ben from the 1990 remake of
Night of the Living Dead, courtesy of Gotham FX.

 MacGee's Alien Warrior and Chestburster kept drawing me near...

Legacy Effects' stunning bust of Neytiri, in actual (enormous!) scale to the 
fictional species of Na'vi. 
This beautiful piece was just breathtaking, and I kept coming back to stare.

A splendid tribute to Ezra -- the head turned and it played 
Haunted Mansion music and dialogue all weekend long!

Such dark beauty.

There's more, especially about that vintage Hallowe'en-lookin' table up there...



  1. It might just be the angle of your Alien photo, but I can't help but smile seeing that tiny chest-burster zipping along in front of it.

    "Come back here! Don't touch that! Where are you going?! Sit down! Just wait 'til your father gets home!""

    1. YES! I was thinking the exact same thing, which is why I took that picture at that angle, haha! "Why you little -- If I catch you so help me...!"