Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. 9

He's here.

I'm here.

Henchman Henner and Mischievous Miranda have built this unreal stage/backdrop for him.

Clamshell footlights -- dimmable! -- and everything.

But UPS kind of messed him up, and I can't prove it. I can only spend tonight trying to desperately make it look 'passably' as cool as it did before I shipped it.

I had to repaint his chin and a few places on his nose and brow.

His poor left hand is kind of mangled.

I have spent way, way, WAY more time trying to repair his hand and figure out why his body is leaning backwards more than it did in my dungeon than I care to admit.

I can only say I am quite done with thinking it will be as good as I wanted it to be. Bye-bye, ol' concept.

But I am certain it will be good enough.

I am always okay with good enough. Okay -- but not satisfied.

Oh well. They can't all be Nevermore.

Onto tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. Well that's a bummer. DUMBDUMBSHIPBOX, indeed! I'm sure he'll still be suitably impressive this weekend, though. I know I'm looking forward to meeting him!