Friday, April 20, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. 15

Hello again, loyal S&Pbrains!

Still recuperating from a long two weeks' traveling and gearing up for performing two shows a night, five nights a week, for the next month.

I'll take the work, trust me. But it might be a little daunting.

At least at my age.

I am still organizing souvenirs and photos from my trip, and as I mentioned in my last post, my friend Adam Dougherty's table in the Monsterpalooza showroom was (probably) the coolest in the whole place, with its vintage Hallowe'en decor, and his incredible limited edition Hallowe'en Nightmare! series of model kits.

See for yourself...

He made that TV, too. 

Those kits just kill me. If the original Topstone Mummy, Ghoul, Melting Man and Shock Monster masks had actually been living, breathing monsters in the heyday of Monster Kid Hallowe'en nights, well -- it would've looked exactly like these scenes (as always, click to enlarge)...

Add to this brilliance the fact that the sidewalk and white picket fence look so exactly like the fence and walk around my Grandmother's house -- the scene of my Hallowe'en birth and growth -- and you have a perfect storm of old school All Hallow's LOVE churning through my soul.

Oh, and this li'l kit (called The Ghost!) is pure genius...

Brilliant work, Adam.

Happy Hallowe'en!



  1. Michael, you have a wonderful blog. You are obviously very gifted. I tried to contact you through email but couldn't which is understandable considering who you are. I would simply like to wish you well and ask if I may please use the magnificent picture of the tree in full autumn foliage on my very humble blog flamblogger(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I belong to a group going through the alphabet for the ninth time. We are at 'O' for which I am planning to use 'October'. Your tree would be ideal.

  2. The thought just occurred to me that MY heaven will look almost exactly like this. And the angelic choir (or whatever it actually is) will be Vince Guaraldi... and a Bernstein or two. Probably not what most people imagine, or expect, but if heaven exists, this will be mine.