Friday, October 22, 2010

Making Hallowe'en, pt. 11.

Hi S&P-brains!

I know we've all been busy, and we haunters are really ramped to overdrive right now, getting ready for the Big Night!

I have been programming and planning, getting little sleep, and enjoying every minute of it.

But it keeps me away from the ol' S&P, and I thought I should at least stop in and share a few with you all.

A few pictures, that is.

They're not "Poefixins™ " Making Hallowe'en, but they are definitely making Hallowe'en -- if it's pumpkin carving, it's making Hallowe'en!

Remember that Post-It note I left for you?

Here's a look at what we did that day:
First, of course, one must set the proper mood...
 Kiara really isn't digging the whole 'slimy innards' thing... but she was a champ!

 She was actually very patient with the process of using one of those patterns.

 Finishing her 'kitty o'lantern', she gives 'her' a kiss. Yeah, she might be five.
 'Pa' and Kiara's pumpkins.
Handmade by Pa, Kiara and our friend Lacey. I love Keek's expression of Hallowe'en joy in the background!

Yes, she'd scraped her knee that morning. Yes, she'd placed her Aquafina water bottle in her pumpkin (and managed to drink out of it!).

Yes, it was a fine, fine late October pumpkin carvin' day with people I love.

And if Hallowe'en isn't about that too, I don't want the rest of it.

So tired, so busy... but there will be more before the Big Night!

I hope you are all enjoying your Hallowe'entime... and thanks for sharing some of your Hallowe'en enjoyment here at the Skull & Pumpkin.


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  1. Looks like a great time. And I love Kiara's pumpkin carving job. Quite reminicent of Picasso, isn't it? And so practical! Its a Jack O'lantern and a bottle holder!

    It always makes me happy to see kids experiencing the fun of Halloween.