Friday, October 8, 2010

"Oh, the Hallowe'ens we had then were grand!"

That is, if that poem of mine is to be believed.

Of course, I think every Hallowe'en is grand! There's just something special about our childhood memories of the Big Night, isn't there?

And if some of those moments were attended by cameras, you have real magic, a time machine for All Hallow's long gone... and hilarious glimpses of our kid selves.

Case in point -- longtime family friend and loyal S&P-brain Allie has graciously allowed me to hang this photo at the S&P from now on:

Allie and her brother, Hallowe'en 1978.
Yes, the very night HE came home.

I must point out a few things I really love about this image, beyond the already-perfect-Hallowe'en-ness of it.
-Her clown outfit just rocks, especially the hat. I haven't seen that kind of yarn in 30 years. Superb.

-Her brother is wearing a classic Topstone 'Ghoul' mask -- and it kind of looks like a bald, green Jerry Seinfeld.

-The pumpkin flashlight he's holding (and seemingly licking?) and the skull flashlight she's holding are still made today, from the same molds (and probably using the same plastic beads from the same supplier). I have examples of both in my Hallowe'en stuff.

-Allie the Clown is making the same face as the jack o'lantern on her brother's right, and his mask is making the same face as the jack o'lantern on Allie's left. Seriously. 

-Wallabees and deck shoes.

-The look in her eyes: "Just take the picture so we can get going!"

Allie, thank you for letting us hang this wonderful snapshot of Hallowe'en Past at the Skull & Pumpkin! You get free drinks this weekend!

Anyone else have pictures of their costumed childish selves? Let's show and tell!



  1. Gotta love old Halloween snapshots. I wish I had more from my childhood. But we were likely too eager to get out there in the dark to pose for photographs. I know my children certainly were. :D

  2. Haaa! I love it! And my brother's mask DOES look like Jerry!
    If they are still making those flashlights, why did my brother and I fight EVERY year about who got which one? Why? Because me mum's a sadist. But man, could she make a cute clown suit!
    By the way, that year our neighbor walked up the street as the headless horseman. My brother peed himself and we went home.
    True story.

  3. HAHA! Poor, poor Bald Green Jerry! Some things are apparently just too much for even the most ambitious trick-or-treater!

    Thanks again for the photo, I wish I had more of my own but I've already posted those in my possession. I'll have to ask aunt Kath -- she's the family archivist.