Tuesday, October 5, 2010

De' Witch Poster.

Hello again, loyal S&P-brains!

Busy-busy-busy time, as you all know, and as most of you are yourselves experiencing while building all of your incredible haunts and displays!

Last night I got a fair amount of work done, and will post that and tonight's work later this evening, but this post is just a few images from yesterday I thought you'd enjoy looking over.

No need to get up, just pass 'em around the bar.

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day at Kiara's kindergarten class, and 'Pa' wasn't going to miss it for the world.
 She's the light of my life, even as I check her scalp for those three little sixes.

I had a great time, but only wanted to mention it here because:
1.) I am a proud 'Pa' and 
2.) Because I got to see this:
Yes, it's blurry (I snapped it quickly while passing it on the way to Keek's classroom), and for most of you, it's no big deal. It's a cheap plastic sheet Hallowe'en door hanger.

But it really made me happy because where we live, most folks tend to be skittish-to-fearful about witches and some of them are just outright anti-Hallowe'en. To see a Happy Hallowe'en poster, with a witch on it no less, in the commons at the primary school does this old All Hallow's heart a lot of good!

I like to think it's Kiara's own spirit (what we've called the Keek Mojo for years) that brought it about.

But really it's just the great faculty and staff at that school. Way to go, Branson Primary, and Happy Hallowe'en.


Oh, another thing.

Here's how you transport a prop skeleton from the shop to your basement laboratory:

The cheapest, lightest weight, relatively realistic (*relatively*) skeleton I've ever seen in the decorations market, and I couldn't pass it up. Yeah, I'll have to alter a lot of it, and the skull will be replaced with the Red Death, but after last night's work it looks like I'm on the right track.

I got a lot of funny stares driving it home, but I got a lot of thumbs up and horn-honking smiles too. Yesterday really seemed to reinvigorate my sense of this area's Hallowe'en love. It may be spare, but where it exists it thrives.

Nice to remember.

Well, there's so much more to do today. 

Those of you who are also in the middle of your haunt work, be sure to come by on your breaks. For the rest of the month, all haunters get snacks, drinks and jukebox plays on the house! ;-)

I got such a great response over it last time that I shall use it again:


  1. Looks like you had a proud and wonderful day. :)

    Must be interesting to be a Halloween enthusiast in an area where so many are actually fearful of witches . . .

  2. It's interesting alright. I'd say that most people out here are okay with Hallowe'en in general, and most of them, if pressed, would say they don't have a real problem with the usual fantasy classic 'hag' witches during the season. It's the ones who are already suspicious of the whole idea of Hallowe'en who get all cowardly over plastic and paper witch hats, decorations, Harry Potter, and so on. And there are a lot of such people in the Ozarks, make no mistake! :-)

  3. That looks like a great day. I agree...a witch poster in a school around here would be a suprise too!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us....and your new driving partner :)