Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happiest of Hallowe'ens to all of you loyal patrons 
of the Skull & Pumpkin!

A few pictures of our display, and the magic to be seen here.

 Miss Madeline.

 Mr. Jack, close personal friend of the Great Pumpkin.

 Mr. Jack and his daddy, Brother Chris, a-feared of the Red Death!

 The Pirates and the Raven.

 The tombstones and the Lean Bros. & Ghoul.

 And my absolute favorite vision from this whole All Hallow's Eve-Eve, this woodsmokey, sunny, Fall day...

Our pretty girl Hallowe'en, purring, posing, 'nearly napping', and entirely in her element.
She is aptly named, and much beloved.
She also doubles as our 'Black Cat' prop for the Poe theme.

Oh this wonderful holiday, this remarkable season, this beautiful darkness...


Happy Hallowe'en to you all.


  1. Looks wonderful! Happy Halloween! :D

  2. GREAT job! I especially like your tribute to musicians.

    I only had tombstones one year (when the yard needed reseeding!) and I put on the names of celebrities who had died that year, including Vincent Price. I think he would have approved.

  3. What can I say?

    The place looks so great in the daylight. I can only imagine how wonderful it will look after dark.
    And the graveyard--such epitaphs! I can hear professor fate bidding Tony Curtis farewell!

    Wish I could hop a plane from Spokanistan and come see the whole thing in person. But no flights are available, and Hurtz Broom Rentals are sold out, except for one without any straw, and it's been ages since I've driven a stick.
    Looking forward to seeing pics of the place after dark.

    Have a wonderful Halloween, Mike!

  4. Thanks Fester, to you too my friend. This year my brother is getting serious video and stills on his high-def camera so in the next week or so I'll have night time shots! I'll have some of my own later tonight, too.

    What a glorious day!