Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few more moments.


Long day cleaning up.

Well first, it was a long morning waking up. My legs literally would not move for a time, and I spent some moments prone, petrified, entertaining visions of Edward Hermann playing FDR when he first realized he couldn't get out of bed.

The resulting panic induced an adrenaline rush that kicked me up and cleared things up nicely. Not that I don't like FDR or Edward Hermann, just... well, I've gone on enough about all of that.

But sore? Whew!

Before heading into the new month, and as I await the video Brother Chris and I need to edit for you, I thought I should pass around a few more moments from last night's most excellent celebration.

Yes, I know we're all dealing with sugar hangovers and tired eyes, but all the blurriness is my camera and my shakiness, not your vision!

Pirates, Raven, tombstones and Quartet, in cool colors.

 People swarmed the figures, laughing and boppin' along with the Lean Bros. & Ghoul.

As always, the Great Pumpkin stopped everyone in their tracks, making them smile.

 Speaking of smiles, here's grandkid Kiara dressed as Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.

 And here's Jasmine meeting Miss Madeline Usher -- Jasmine's being careful
to keep her distance but peering up to see
if Madeline had "real tooth-es or not".

 Some great friends of mine, and talented ones at that: at left, the fine jazz and swing pianist/arranger John Raczka, and at right, fellow horror maniac Mr. Spiders & Snakes himself, the inimitable Jim Stafford.

 Another view of the graveyard. I like color.

 The Raven, Nevermore, in his natural setting. He was without doubt the biggest hit of the night.
People wanted to take him home with them. Seriously. 
Also, there's real absinthe in that bottle on Poe's tombstone.

 Ah, the Red Death, intimidating guests with his dull but unblinking gaze.

 Here's Mr. Jack, who was in charge of the scare in this year's Treat Room. He chose a very
dapper Haunted Mansion-ish outfit.

 If you had the nerve to enter the Treat Room (and there were plenty who didn't!), you were
met with pitch darkness, hearing a beating heart and a whimper of fear. Then. strobes would flash and
a loud maniacal laugh (and much faster heartbeat) would scare you silly!

I'll have more later, rest assured.
So... it's November.

Now remember, the Skull & Pumpkin Pub is a Blues Free Zone -- no post-Hallowe'en depression is allowed.

C'mon, it's still Autumn, and we're Autumn People. Everything still looks and feels like Fall, because it still is.

And as ever, new months bring a few minor musical changes to the jukebox; November is quieter, relaxed, a rest after Hallowe'en.

I've added S&P favorite Vince Guaraldi's delightful Thanksgiving theme from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and of course it will be on the jukebox all month long.

A beautiful work that always brings a kind of bittersweet restfulness is Gwenlaise, a 1986 piece from pianist Scott Cossu and cellist Eugene Friesen. It is light and dark, happy and sad. Late Fall.

Lastly I give you Sentimentale, the most beautiful (I think) of the movements in the 1975 landmark album Suite For Flute and Jazz Piano, by pianist Claude Bolling and flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal. If you don't hear and see falling leaves in the opening passage, as the piano arpeggiates from high to low, there's something wrong with you. See your doctor!

I've left Kiara's favorite, Movie, 'cause it's a nice way to put a little kick back into the mix.

Video to come soon. In the meantime, take care to stay warm and among friends. It's still Fall but it's getting chillier by the day.

Best not to venture too far from the Skull & Pumpkin.



  1. Glad to hear your paralysis was only temporary. Probably a flare up of Mondayneucleosis.
    Looks like a great time was had by all. Judging from the pictures you've posted, the place looked great in the dark with the strategically placed lighting. That shot of Mr. Red Death was particularly haunting. Young Mr. Jack looks quite creepily dapper in his Victorian garb. And Kiara makes a dandy Princess Jasmine. I'm looking forward to seeing the footage when its posted.

    Careful with that bottle on Poe's tombstone. Besides its famous psychotropic influences, that particular liquor can have strange cardiac effects. As they say: "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder."

    Congrats on another smashing success!

  2. Oh wow, your haunt looks fantastic! I love the Red Death, really creepy with the eyes!

  3. Looks like another successful year. The Red Death is especially creepy in that light! <:O

  4. Looks absolutely amazing!! Speechless really....