Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making Hallowe'en, pt. 7

Just a few late night snapshots of today's Poefixins™.

I give you the sickly, prematurely interred sibling of a dying family, Ms. Madeline Usher.

She really is rather fetching, especially having just clawed her way from the 'donjon keep'. Also, lighting is everything.

Another denizen of Poe's universe is our long-neglected Red Death.

The down side is that I do not really know how corpses were wrapped in their cerements in the days of ol' Prince Prospero. The up side is, neither does anyone viewing it.

He's going to be pulling his hood aside, hence this pose (made possible with wire, tape and tons of hot glue).

Still at it, more pics to come soon.



  1. Wow, those are both stunning pieces. Really love the had post for Red Death....looking forward to seeing it with the hood.


  2. I LOVE Madeline's pose
    That skeleton worked out perfectly. Can't wait to see him hooded

    Character is such a big part of propmaking, and you've got it down!

  3. THANK you, Mr. Chicken, that means a lot coming from you. You're right, character's the thing. I'll take *alive with emotion* over realistic-but-robotic any day.

  4. FantaSICK! Beautiful ugliness- love it. There's a Vincent Price marathon somewhere on TV Oct 31-- many of the Corman/Poe adaptations.

  5. Cool! I'll have to find the station and set my recorder, of course (WAY too busy on the 31st, as always!) but thanks for the heads up.