Saturday, October 9, 2010

Price & Poe.


Vincent Price. Edgar Allan Poe.

The two names have been inextricably linked in our pop culture consciousness since the mid-'60s, thanks to a number of films helmed by Roger Corman, and numerous Price recitations of Poe's works on the stage and television, such as this rather revered version of The Raven (I can't find an exact date for it!).

Price was just the best.

Patricia is that you over at the ol' radio? Loyal guests of the S&P, I have a longtime friend who's been a wonderful teacher and mentor, and she is a frequent patron here... Patricia? Don't you have a story related to all this?

"I used to see (Price) on New Year's Eve at Eddie Albert's parties when I worked for him (Albert). The first time we met, Eddie introduced us, and Price said" What was the last name?" And I replied "Brown.....B R O W N," spelling it out. The evening went on and he and I talked a lot about mutual friends, the NY theatre, etc. At the end of the party, he said, "It was lovely talking to you, and the name is Price.... P R I C E." I'm still laughing. What a talent he had for the macabre."

Haha! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing it with the S&P.

 Everyone, raise 'em high all around -- to Pat, Poe and Price!


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