Friday, October 29, 2010

Just for a moment.

Hello, friends of the Skull & Pumpkin!

Glad you're still hanging around the place; there's excitement in the air, and I can feel that old tingling magic, the thrill of the approaching spookiness, that old Hallowe'en Feeling which never fails to show up, indescribable but unmistakable for any other holiday emotion the whole year 'round.

In the midst of all of our preparations, I keep finding myself thinking back to my younger Hallowe'ens.

I think we all do, and I think this is one of the main reasons we still love the holiday so much.

We've never quite forgotten what it's like to be a child on Hallowe'en night...

This one especially needs to be clicked and enlarged to really see everything.
It's perfect. Idealized, sure. What nostalgia isn't?

Just take a moment this weekend. Remember why we do what we do, why we love what we love.

Why we need to pass the traditions along.

Why we need to pass the old Hallowe'en Feeling along.

So excited.



  1. Me too! :)

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween.


  2. Thanks for that! As I greeted people coming into my haunted attraction the past few nights, I felt the magic again. I saw the kids and parents connect with each other and amidst the fog, the darkness, the ghosts in the graveyard and the grinning jack o' lanterns, I knew that Hallowe'en has to be perpetuated and shared.
    People NEED Hallowe'en.