Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thankfulness X

How to begin...

Although I have been very sincere (are you noticing, Great Pumpkin?) throughout this series, I have yet to get really raw and ultra-personal.

In fact, since opening this little pub in June, I don't think I've ever gotten too terribly personal or intimate with any of my posts. I think that's as it should be. You don't need (or care!) to know everything, and I don't wish to get all introspective and lay bare all my personal foibles and fears and so on.

I find that kind of blogging a little off-putting, actually.

Besides, this isn't really a 'blog', it's a Hallowe'en pub. Right?

But this time around, I am going to allow just a bit of very personal expression.

God, thank you so much for
The Keek!
My 4 (and a half!) year old granddaughter Kiara is the brightest light in a life full of bright lights.

"But, good sir, granddaughter? Aren't you a bit young to have --"

Yes, and it hardly matters. She's my grandkid. Deal with it.

V and I were in the UK in June of 2005 when Kiara was born, so we didn't see her until a few days after she came into the world.

I've been 'Pa', and crazy about her, ever since.

No big slideshows or sappiness... just some favorite pics, with kind permission from Mama.

These stickers were from some toy or other, but she thought she needed
a moustache and 'beard' like Pa. What the one on her arm is for is
anyone's guess.

"This snow tastes like white."

Alphabet house!

Dancing Kiara. If they ever figure out how to make tights
that don't crinkle up at little kids' ankles, I'll die.

A decidedly demure Snow White, Hallowe'en 2008.

Tinkerbell with the Great Pumpkin, Hallowe'en 2007.

Two cats, Pa and the Keek at the end of a long, wonderful Hallowe'en night, 2007.

I don't know how to really express what I feel about her any more than you do about your own kids, and therefore I don't need to try, really.

She makes me laugh, and she melts my heart, and she drives me insane, and she is bratty, sweet, kind, naughty, and just an all-around 4 year old pink, princessy little girl.

I am so grateful, so lucky she showed up.

I am so very, very thankful to be Pa.

Fider now!

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  1. Nothing off-putting about this personal entry. That is one cute grandkid you've got there.

    In a few years she is going to be breaking hearts all over the place.

    You are truly blessed.