Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's pass around the pictures...

Oh, it is good to be back at the old Skull & Pumpkin after this incredible Hallowe'en weekend!

Everything came off beautifully, and we had one of the busiest, most visited and enjoyable Hallowe'en nights ever. Yes it is very gratifying to see the long, hard work find such appreciation, but mostly I just dig watching the kids have so much fun!

I am looking forward to showing off pictures and video, and as soon as I get copies of images from friends and family, I'll have it all here.

This time around, I am showing some of the better pics from my own meager photographic attempts.

See, on Hallowe'en night, I tend to let others get the pics because I'm too busy being host, repairman and 'come say hi to' guy all night long. I absolutely love it and thrive on it, but it does mean I don't get time to properly chronicle the moment.

But this year I had extra help setting up and so found a few minutes every so often to snap a few images.

Such as they are.

Eh, blurry but it gives you the idea. The power supply for the motor burned out halfway through the night but the coffin was a big hit!

The graveyard, and some decently readable epitaphs (click to see larger image). The Lean Bros. & Ghoul 'dressed' as the Singing Busts from the Haunted Mansion; they were a hit, as ever.

The Pirates, Capt. Jack Lantern and First Mate Ficketts, had visitors laughing all night.

The ghostly 'Attic Bride' from the Haunted Mansion haunts our house from my upstairs bedroom window.

My hastily done, hand-painted 'Dracula Ring' for Uncle Forry (I'd forgotten until late Friday night that he needed something to look like the famous Dracula ring; foam, paint and tired eyes got this far... I kinda like it!).

The Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. Phineas has his valise, Gus his ball n' chain. There are good pictures and video of them in blacklight/no flash, and I'll get them up here soon.

The Uncle Forry Livingroom Set. It was intimate, warmly lit, and a perfect companion to the kid-friendly 'Boo Corner' just to the right. V took some great video of Uncle Forry, and as soon as I can turn VOB into WMV and get it cut down to a size Blogger can handle, I'll post it all!

The Great Pumpkin. As always, a big hit, constantly running, introducing folks to the spirit and theme of the night. Probably the best known and most enjoyed tradition of my haunts.

It was a very beautiful display on a very beautiful night. This pic cuts off the Great Pumpkin and the coffin between the GP and the porch, but you can see the city below our hill, the graveyard, the driveway, strolling guests, the Attic Bride, the HHG's below her in front of the porch (if you squint a little) and some of Boo Corner.

Oh, and something very cool happened which hasn't happened before (that I recall).

Someone made treats for US.


The Bride of Frankenstein cake was made by our very sweet neighbor and the cinnamon rolls by a family friend who brought them to the door with 'It's time YOU got a treat!'

So cool. I love people.

This was a truly blessed Hallowe'en, because I had some family in town who had not been able to see a Mike C. Hallowe'en in a long time... in fact, my nieces and nephew never had. It was simply superb to have the Riddles(eseses) and especially my godson Will with us for a few whirlwind late October days... the best Hallowe'en treat one could want.

More pictures and video to come.

For now, I'm heading out to catch up on sleep after a long clean-up day... but that doesn't mean you need to go.

Just be sure to light out, lock up, and don't burn the place down.

God, I love Hallowe'en.


  1. Mike, ya done good.

    And its great that so many came by to enjoy your labor of love. The names on the gravestones were wonderful. Spooky, yet touching--so many of our heroes and friends have left us this year. And Forry--what can I say. He is amazing.

    Wish I could have been there in person.


  2. Wow Mike, unbelievable. Joyce was right. I could watch this for a week!
    Looking forward to seeing you around Thanksgiving.