Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankfulness IX

I can't imagine there is anyone who visits the Skull & Pumpkin who isn't generally obsessed, or at least in serious like, with books.

I think it is in the nature of October Folk to love books. Poetry, dark prose, fantastic tales, simple romance, from the epic to the short and subtle.

It's in our blood.

And while I could attempt a massive post on my love of and thankfulness for books, I would have no idea where to start or finish such a thing.

Gutenberg? Movable type from the Chinese? Papyrus? I mean, to thank books would be like thanking water or air. I might as well just end this whole silly exercise with 'I Thank The Universe!' and get back to the spooky stuff.

Nope, I will stick with a handful of my favorite writers, in no real order, and let it go at that.

I am so happy these people were born, and did/do what they did/do:

H.G. Wells
(yes Riddles, it's uncanny.)

Harper Lee

Richard Matheson

Tom Robbins

Stephen King

J.R.R. Tolkien
(oh! what we owe thee; I could do a dozen posts on him alone.)

J.K. Rowling

Edward Gorey
(yes, he wrote too!)

Richard Brautigan

Ray Bradbury
(and oh! what we owe thee...)

Every one of these scribblers has caused me terrible joy. And wonderful sorrow. If any of them are not familiar to you, well... I suggest you begin to familiarize yourself with them. Immediately.

The shelves of the ol' S&P are loaded with the writings of these remarkable souls.

I'm not going to get all poetic and windswept like previous entries. Just read these people, as often as you can.

I am very thankful for them and their work.

Ex Libris --


  1. You missed my favorite! Because, as you know, in the dark there was a hand, and in the hand was a knife.

  2. Did that knife have a handle of polished bone?



  3. Oh, I could have gone on to Gaiman, Bukowski, a million others... rest assured, they're in there.

  4. And by the way Mand, what are you doing NOT commenting on the Elphaba post?