Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankfulness XIII


Without friendship, we'd all be me. I mean, we would be I.

And that would be pretty pathetic.

I know what you're wanting to ask me; is there any way to show pictures of all your friends?

And my answer would be No, of course not you fool, what a stupid question. Who would ask such a thing?

Good lordy on Facebook alone I have 156 friends...


Random pics of people most of you won't know.

But that hardly matters, because in their nameless smiles you will recognize backstory, humor and warmth you have shared with your own dear friends.

I love them all very, very much.


I could keep going, and it wouldn't matter.

Friendship is the key.

Be glad for your friends, and thankful for their love and support.


  1. i second that emotion . .can't wait to take Finn on a road trip to MO .. . much love to you my friend . . .xoxo mjm

  2. Can't wait to have you guys out here!