Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thankfulness III

I know, I know.

After parents and guitars, this may seem a bit frivolous.

But come on. Who isn't thankful for this?

Pizza, I love you.
If someone showed you two complete steak dinners, and said "Eat 'em both!", you'd likely laugh in that person's face.

If they showed you two pizzas, you'd actually think about it, because you know somewhere deep inside that you just might be able to do it.

I love you, they love you, we love you... everybody loves you:

Seriously, I am very thankful for this simple pleasure, and when I consider that real pizza has only been around for a relatively short time in our history, I am grateful.

It sounds silly, but it's true. I do not eat it often, because holy %^&* I'd be ten times fatter than I already am.
In fact I tend to go months without thinking about pizza (and plenty of other foods) but there will always come a day when I have an image float before my mind's eye; a brown-bubbly, pepperoni laden, tomato and garlic and cheese wheel on a hot stone, and I know I will have a pizza within the next few days.

The Act of Pizza, which is what I call the entire process from the kneading of dough to my devouring, is one of the great pleasures of American life, and there's no denying that, no arguing. It is an act of love, almost.

You totally know I'm not exaggerating, because you love pizza too. Do not insult the S&P and all who visit here by pretending you don't.


Wait, what are these?

Yeah, that's right. Jack O'Lantern pizzas. PUMPKIN pizzas! What more does one want? Oh, right:

Skull & Pumpkin pizzas, see? Pizza is adaptable to anything, and almost anything can go on a pizza:

Well, on second thought, bad idea.

I mean, there's only one person I know who might think it was a good idea, but she's only 4 and she can already make pizzas all by herself, thank you.

I said it before, I'll say it again:
Pizza, I love you.

I am very thankful for pizza, the American master'piece'. It's what we would be eating on Thanksgiving if we didn't already eat it a hundred times more often than we eat roast turkey with all the trimmings.

Go get a slice.


  1. Will discovered "french bread" pizzas just this week. Oh JOY! Rapture! How is he so much YOU?

  2. I... would... KILL for a classic Stouffers French Bread pizza right now! Tell him he has a very proud God Unto over here!