Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Medium resolution.

For only the second time since I've been haunting this house, the Treat Room didn't have a 'scare'; 2009 saw the misty, ethereal supplications* of Madame Leota in her crystal ball.

Now, Hallowe'en video being what it is, this is underlit. In this video, it's very difficult to see the hanging/floating trumpet, tambourine and skull above her head... but the effect was very atmospheric when you were standing in that dark little room.

The video also exaggerates the reflection of the projector and UV LEDs for her hair in the crystal ball. It was not nearly as noticeable live.

Some of the kids who had been used to/were expecting a scare were a little put out, but everyone else seemed to really like it. Those who were already fans of the Mansion were in awe.

I had a few friends who just stood in the room and watched this over and over.

It is kinda hypnotizing...

(*- Thurl Ravenscroft's memorable term from the original Haunted Mansion LP from 1969)

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