Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lights out for the Great Pumpkin!

But he is very sincere!

BY THE WAY, before playing this video, be sure to click the 'Great Pumpkin Waltz' on the Hallowe'en Jukebox to the right. Click the volume (green triangle bar) down to about 30%, and you've got a nice melange of All Hallow's media in yo' face. (If you do it right, the muted trumpet and flute of the bridge will play right as he says 'Halloweeeen!' Very cool)...

I only say 'lights out' because I forgot to rekindle his inner candlelight with a 9v battery before I had V take this video and didn't notice it until editing it this evening. I'm getting so very old...

Still, you can hear some of his patter for the night.

It suddenly occurs to me that I neglected to have him explain Uncle Forry on the porch. Oh well, I'll have both of them next year so he can do it then!

That's part of the great magic of Hallowe'en... we always get one next year.

I will be adding more pics and video when I get them from friends and family. Video of the Pirates/Lean Bros. & Ghoul routines especially.

Until then, don't forget: Hallowe'en is a feeling, and wherever folks meet to discuss or even silently enjoy each others' crazy company in conventions, yard haunts, movies, and yes, little ol' online pubs, there Hallowe'en lives, and lives well.

We who gather here at the S&P know it very well.

A toast to all of you for a rousing, wondrous Hallowe'en for 2009. No, not 'cheers!', not 'salute!', not even 'hear-hear!'.

The proper Hallowe'en toast is, of course...


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  1. From the wilds of Spokanistan:


    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Halloween with us!

    Ya done good!