Thursday, November 5, 2009


... of Hitchhiking Ghosts:

These three fellows were a big hit. Situated in front of the blacked-in Treat Room, by nightfall they looked like they were simply floating in front of the porch; blacklight is truly a marvelous thing.

There is more video of Phineas, Ezra and Gus flying around the neighborhood. Well, not video of them literally flying around the neighborhood, but... nevermind. I'll post any when I get any.

Oh, and another thing:

It's impossible to get shots of things like this because it only works in the dark, you know?

But this looked beautiful just off the 'Boo Corner' end of the porch. Sadly, the power supply for the motor burned halfway through the night, but it still looked very cool so what the heck!

By the way, the Haunted Mansion rules. You heard me.



  1. Wow, they look great!

    I never would have noticed the lack of thumb action if you had not mentioned it before. The black light effect gives them a wonderfully lively quality.

    And that casket effect works well too.


  2. I am going to try to send you a great picture from my grandson's facebook page