Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Final Fling For Forry?

He sat relaxed on the blanketed porch swing, a lit ceramic jack o'lantern and a bowl of candy beside him, a framed set of pictures from our visit to the Ackermansion in 2000 at his breast, a copy of Famous Monsters on his lap.

An 'aloha' shirt, beige slacks. A 'Baker Street' coat similar to the Dracula cape from Plan Nine was over his shoulders, and a hastily painted facsimile of his beloved Dracula ring adorned the ring finger of his left hand.

Just above and behind his head were mounted a few perma-plaque'd lobby cards from The Phantom of the Opera and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

He spent a brisk and chilly Hallowe'en evening watching and enjoying, and occasionally informing the visitors of a few of his accomplishments, and even a bit of philosophy:

I had a lot of visitors just standing around him on the porch, and asking me about our beloved 4SJ. I found myself educating a lot of folks about Mr. Ackerman's impact and significance in the realm of sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

So... no, this was not a final fling for 4E.

I will redesign and replace certain elements of the Uncle Forry animatron, and build in more durability and balance, because I'll need to have him displayed every Hallowe'en from now on... he was that big a hit.

Pumpkins and disembodied mediums to follow...


  1. Thank you... it is a lot of work and something always screws up but it's worth it, especially when people appreciate it!