Friday, October 23, 2009

Son of More Making Hallowe'en (by request).

A frequent patron of the Skull & Pumpkin (I'm looking at you, Sinisterious!) has kindly asked the proprietor of this humble establishment to pass around some pictures of the build up to the HHGs (Hitchhiking Ghosts, get with the lingo). I did take some, but figured the end result was more interesting than the process.

What was I thinking?

I've already shown you pics of their heads, and of Ezra's body testing the leaning mechanism. I'll jump to the point where everything begins to finally come together (right now... over me).

Blue foamboard, screws, hot glue, flat black latex paint (spray enamels will eat into foamboard and will melt styrofoam to jelly). This was the 'making sure the heights and widths are good' phase, the last stage before clothing. I know Phineas and Gus have no legs. Duh! They won't need them in the blacklight.

I don't know what this material is called; I kept referring to it as the 'stuff on the bottom of the mattress' fabric. Lightweight, black, and sheer. Perfect. Some pins and hot glue, and a little creative folding and cutting, and I was on my way to HHG happiness.

Some white Foamies strips for Ezra's tie, collar and cuffs. Blue foamboard buttons for Phineas and Ezra. And Ezra's head on Gus's body, because it was funny to me.

The Gang of Three, just before painting.

There is... SO much more to do. But it's what I live for.

P.S. I love that I wrote 'begins to finally'.

Spook out-

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