Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Making Hallowe'en.

Good morning you old Skull & Pumpkin pub.

I have been so busy with Hallowe'en preparations that I have neglected to share my recent progress... oh the irony!

As usual, there will be things I will not finish, and there will be props whose realization will be decidedly altered from their conceptualization. I don't worry, really... this is Hallowe'en for the luvathegreatpumpkin! No matter if the fruits of my labors taste different than I had first expected... they're always the sweetest bite of the year.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts are coming along, and I may actually finish them by November 17th.
Okay, seriously, they'll be running Hallowe'en night, but I have run out of time to give them serious thumb movement. But you know what?:
After seeing Ezra here lean so jauntily, I don't think it matters that his thumb isn't hitching on its own. I think that once they're all clothed, mounted, painted and black-lit, they're going to look very cool indeed, and I'm not going to notice those thumbs being static. And since my opinion is the one that matters... !

(By the way, I don't know what the heck is up with the ungodly low resolution of these clips... my camera says 'I'm set to the highest res available to me' and they look much nicer on my desktop than after uploading them here. Must be a Blogger thing? I'll get it taken care of soon. In the meantime, here's a still of the above for clarity's sake!).
I also had time to really dress up the casket the way it ought to look:

Those candles were fun and pretty easy to make. There were some old, unused decorative rounds in the woodpile at the shop, and I had the PVC laying about. I grabbed a few of those flickering LED tea lights and soldered extension wires between the LED and the tiny circuit board and hot glued the LED just below the lip of the PVC 'candle'. A little hot glue drippings for wax, some black and gold paint for the candle holders, some webs and dead flowers and voila! This thing's ready to go!

The flickering is very hard to see in the shop light so I grabbed this close up shot. Can't wait to see this thing in real lighting! Now I still need to add the green interior light but I already have that ready to go; that will happen as soon as the casket is situated at the house.

And yes, that's 'I'm Not That Girl', from the hit musical Wicked, playing in the background of these last two clips. Elphaba's my girlfriend. Deal with it.

Oh, those pedestals behind the casket...
... those are for the Lean Bros & Ghoul, who will be dressed this year as the Singing Busts from the Haunted Mansion graveyard. They look dark but it's UV paint so it glows nicely.
I should say 'fluoresces'.
Anyway, I'll have pics.

Today I will do my level best to finish the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Then I have programming to do. Oy!the programming...

Carpe Diemdumshrekpop!


  1. Dang! I wish you hadn't revealed it because I was SO excited to say "You're listening to Wicked." but noooo. I had to listen to you. You blockhead.

    Soooo excited!

  2. You've heard of the fury of a woman scorned, haven't you? Well that's nothing compared to the fury of a woman who's been cheated out of a reveal!