Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes I do love people.

It's difficult to get decent pictures from a parked car many yards away from your subject, but I just had to show you this.

I am glad I had the camera with me. Tonight, driving home from my cousin's wedding, I passed the RV park down the hill from my house, and it is relatively full this time of year with weekly renters enjoying the new Fall shows and scenery.

Among them was a single stretch of colored light that caught my eye, and lo! The fuzzy pics were snapped.

An RV, decked out with a strand of purple lights and orange pumpkin lights. The RENTER, staying for only a short while, on October 3rd (not closer to Hallowe'en) decided to trim for the upcoming holiday even in temporary digs!

You simply HAVE to love that spirit!

I had already enjoyed a wonderful afternoon/evening with the wedding, and this was the topper. Made my night.
On the Hallowe'en display front, I am working on things, rest assured. But preparations for this weekend and other commitments have gotten in the way of doing more and posting the progress. The next few weeks will change all that, trust me. After this weekend, it gets real.

I'll never get it all done in time, but who really cares? It's OCTOBER! Hallowe'en is on the way!


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