Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uncle Forry, one more story.

I know.

That face is alive.

He's way too lively and looks way too interesting and cool to be shelved... and if I pull off a miracle in two days, he won't be.

But at the moment, Uncle Forry is sort of in limbo.

I did improve the servo/torque problems, and the jaw is better, but the real problem now is lack of audio to really get a story across. Context means a lot in my displays, at least to a large enough degree to give meaning to the use and placement of a given figure.

I have a place for him, of course, but if he doesn't have anything to say, it's a little sad.

Yes, he has a tombstone in the graveyard, but he can't go there because the pirates and skeletons are there being way more interesting and he'd distract.

But Boo Corner might be perfect for him. And maybe... maybe he doesn't have to say much of anything.

Mmmmaybe he's holding a big bowl of treats and every so often tossing out some tidbit of autobiographical wisdom.

Maybe I just solved the problem and now need to program a few looks and poses and can make him look lively and be present at my Hallowe'en shindig without being too loud about it.

Maybe I have once again turned a perceived problem on its head and made it cooler than I'd thought, by simply writing about it and expressing my doubts here at this ol' Skull & Pumpkin pub.

Lots of maybes. Maybes, could I's, should I's, what ifs...

But if Hallowe'en isn't the ultimate 'what if' holiday, I don't know what is.

2 days and some change.


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