Friday, October 23, 2009

Bride of Making Hallowe'en.

Hitchhiking Ghosts... done.

I said I would finish them today, and gol durn it, I did.

Well, Phineas needs his valise and Gus his ball n' chain, but those are here at the house, not at the shop. Done, I say!

On to Leota, Uncle Forry (I have not forgotten nor given up) and the Lean Bros and Ghoul... maybe I'll finish by Spring '10.

So much fun.


  1. Well done! If you had not mentioned the ststic thumbs earlier, I would never have noticed! lol.

    Things are looking great there. Only wish I could be therer to see it personally.



  2. Thanks Dr. Dave!
    You know, I took video of them in UV blacklight, and it looks great on my laptop but by the time I uploaded it to Blogger the quality's so reduced and washed out that it doesn't really look at all like it does live... and I figured it wasn't going to do it justice.
    As for not being here personally, I'll get video and pics to post and pass around the S&P. We'll make sure you feel like you were here in spirit!