Friday, September 10, 2010

Young Will's Hallowe'en Spree, pt. 2

Hey there, loyal pubbies.

I have some new photos for you.

A few of the local stores have been slowly stocking their shelves with Hallowe'en goodies, and you know what that means -- another adventure with Young Will.

It starts with the goofy glasses. It always does.
We noticed that this particular store missed a great pun opportunity:
'Pet Pajamas'? C'mon, it's PETJAMAS! I wouldn't put a costume on my pet
so I suppose it shouldn't matter to me, but Young Will and I both thought
they'd blown their shot at a pun worthy of Forry himself!

Then Young Will noticed a mildly sad situation.
WAY too early for Thanksgiving, but nice to meet you just the same. 
See you in a few months, but for now... irrelevant!

Back to the good stuff!

Pumpkins, as ever, are at the very heart of the
celebration of All Hallow's Eve.

The candy aisles are usually the first to get stocked in any store:
I know, they're still in their packaging there -- you try telling Young Will
he can't at least attempt it.
Also, you try to make a sentence with all three 'there/they're/their' words in it like I just did.
So, unable to taste his lollipops, Young Will resorts to panhandling for candy -- I really
think his posing like the creepy butler figure behind him is purely coincidental.
He didn't have any luck with candy.

But that's not to say he didn't get any handouts...
After shaking off this creepy extremity, he decided to try for a nearby candy dish:
... and got another hand anyway!

So, Young Will moved away from candy dishes and onto plates and cups:
(We both liked these immensely; Hallowe'en gifts, okay?)

With food comes the need for drink, and we found an interesting libation:
Young Will decided to partake right there in the store...
... and straight from the jug(-ular?)!

Feeling very Hallowe'enish now, Young Will went costume shopping.
And there were some doozies...

Rolling his eyes at the Monkey Wrench.

And who wouldn't roll their eyes at this? "Emits Real Bronx Cheer", eh? 
I swear, if I see you wearing this, I'll emit a real Bronx punch in your throat.

Young Will had trouble with this Dragon costume... which has no wings!
You see, he is an expert (quite seriously) on all things dragon. 
Do not offend his sensibilities regarding the subject.

But not all was lost. There were some perfectly fun outfits to be found.

This kid truly rocks.

He likes group singing:

... and really enjoys a good pun.
Apparently he enjoys bad puns too. Napoleon Blownapart? That's right,
there's nothing funnier than a pun older than Lincoln.

After regaining his composure, Young Will ponders a few more 
decorative props.

"Um, Uncle Mike, why is Marcus The Carcass a Yeti?"
Good question, sir. Good question.

"Um, Uncle Mike, why are these weapons called She- weapons? I mean,
like, what's a She-Pitchfork? A She-dagger? Come on!"
I love that Young Will thinks like a normal person.

"Um, Uncle Mike, why do they have portraits of Eva Braun
and Henny Youngman?"
(Okay, he didn't really ask this one. I just had to show the pic!)




Well, after perusing and playing, we felt it was time to clean up our mess...

In another few days, we'll be hitting more stores because the goodies are really
coming out now. 

School's in, which means Back-To-School aisles are out!

 More goodies, more fun decorations, more spooky coolness with Young Will.

Though I suppose, for Young Will, it may not get any better than
Napoleon Blownapart.


Stay tuned for more adventures next week.

Also, more prop-making has been going on, and I'll get you an update soon.

'Til then,



  1. Young Will must be a riot as a shopping companion. Looks like a lot of fun was had on that trip.

    Napoleon Blownapart . . .

    Napoleon Blownapart . . .

    Napoleon Blownapart . . .

    Oh, I get it now! Napoleon Blownapart!!


    DDSP and Meltybeads!

  2. Is he an "Ozark Pimp-Granddaddy" in the one where he's wearing the purple hat? Because, if he is, he should really be going towards the Liza Minnelli costumes.

  3. I've been trying to move him toward the Liza costumes for years. But I suppose once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Pimp-jedi.

  4. Why can't he be a Jedi Liza Minnelli? Liza with a lightsaber! Liz-saber....lizaber.