Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Hallowe'en, pt. Bird or Devil.

"Bird or devil?!?"

Please read the poem if you are confused.

Anyhoo... Gather 'round, for I have news.

Well, not news, really. Just a Poefixins update.

I am really digging the Raven this weekend -- his odd, wrankly, unrealistic look is very fetching... do you think?

Yeah, it's blurry. Low light and my camera don't get along very well.

You may notice that instead of the nares or nostrils I mentioned last time, there is just a tuft of feathery fur. Turns out the raven's cere is very feathery and no nostrils are visible. Makes my life so much easier. I like how it looks on him, adds some sinister shagginess.

But it really comes to life when... well, when I run test programs and it comes to life!

I don't actually plan on having him sing this song; this was just the audio file nearest at hand when I was testing all of his movements for the first time. I haven't written, therefore have yet to record, his actual dialogue!

But, the kid's getting a bit of a personality.

And speaking of kids with personality...

Today is the 11th birthday of our own resident Hallowe'en goodies reviewer, Young Will!

Happy birthday toasts all around...



  1. Happy Birthday to Young Will!

    And I love the raven. :)

  2. I suspected that Will was an Autumn soul. Happy Birthday Will !!! The raven is absolutely AMAZING. Love it !

  3. Ok, so the raven's a winner in my book. I think you gave him all the right points of movement... he's alive! That laugh looked SO cool!

    and a very happy birthday to Young Will!

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Young Will!


    A round of hot cocoa for Young Will and everyone sing along!



  5. Oh, and the Raven is top notch!
    I wish the real ones that hang around my back yard had as much personality.