Saturday, September 4, 2010

The 'She's there!' Witch Project II

Hi pubgoers!

I've had a busy couple of days and nights. Happy to say speaking like James Mason for 24 hours kept things from getting too burdensome.

I have more to do this weekend, but I wanted to submit this for your consideration.

Do you remember that post about the series of postcards telling the story of the witch and the goofy-eyed cat?

If not, you will need to read it before moving on.

Go ahead, we can wait.

-- whistle-hum-whistle-whistle-hum-hum --

Good? Good.

I think I've found another bit of evidence to fill in a few blanks.

Recall that at one point there were two Veggie Men, the 'Stalksquash', but then some time later we find that one of them was killed and turned into a car, and the other was forced to be the driver of that vehicle of gourdly death.

Recall also that we didn't know exactly what happened to precipitate such a tragic and cruel turn of events. Now, we still don't know exactly what transpired, but I've recently unearthed an image which at least chronicles some moment in the midst of that sudden conflict:
It appears as if Witch and Kitty are very angry at our two Veggie Men for something they did. 
It also looks like one of our Veggie Men, the one smiling and looking at his comrade, is happy about it.
Is it possible that Smiling Stalksquash framed Scared Stalksquash for some infraction of the rules of their once-happy circle? If so, Smiling Stalksquash surely didn't foresee the consequences, for all of them, of his little joke.

Then again, the Moon looks fairly pleased about all this as well, yet no one's suspecting the Moon.

Heaven knows the Moon has certainly been complicit in all sorts of silly nighttime behavior since time immemorial...

As ever, the more we discover, the more questions are raised!

Still, it's nice to have another bit of information to add to the case file of this little mystery.

If anyone can find more data, don't hesitate to bring it with you next time you come to the S&P.


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