Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Hallowe'en, pt. 5

Okay, here's a quick look before I head to work.

The Raven's coming along nicely...
True, he doesn't look exactly like the concept drawing I did over the summer, but as most of you Hallowe'en-prop-makin'-crazies know, ideas crop up in mid-project and you go with your heart and your gut!

It simply occurred to me that his eyes might be so much more sinister if they were lit from behind, and pupil-less, so that's where I took him.

Also, I have yet to sculpt/paint the 'cere', or nose, along the top of the beak (where their nostrils, or 'nares', tend to be -- see how much we learn by doing?) so his full personality and look is certainly not apparent just yet.

But he's sure looking -- and starting to move -- like he's getting geared up for the Big Night:

P.S. It's really difficult to hold the camera with one hand and operate four channels on two radio control joysticks with the other hand. Just sayin'.

Much more work to do, busy-busy-busy! But for the moment, I'll take some quick refreshment before resuming my work.

Now wait a second -- where's the tap for the keg?!?



  1. oh, this is going to be so cool! I love that he has brow movement

  2. Well, we try to keep our animatronics regular and healthy!

  3. OH, wait... *brow* movement. Sorry! :-)
    Actually in all seriousness, I find it's best to create the most ILLUSION of complex movement with the least amount of energy expended -- i.e., if a single BROW movement can convey a number of emotions, then it APPEARS as if I've used eyelid servos as well, yet it's just the one brow servo doing the same job.
    Chaos theory is well suited to animatronic design!