Monday, September 6, 2010

Ghost-ery store.

Hello loyal S&Pers!

I hope you're all enjoying your lengthy Labor Day weekend.

Just a quick post about a short hop to my local grocery store last night.

I didn't have my good camera with me, just the camera on my phone -- but I had to get a few shots of the quite newly displayed... um, displays.
Yes, the famous 'naturally high energy help foods' section of my local grocery. 
I love the ghost and pumpkin Happy Hallowe'en decor, but I still don't get how baked sweets
are 'help foods' in any 'natural, high energy' sense. I don't see donuts growing in the wild.

But the cakes they did have were pret-ty darn cool:
The three coffins were plastic toys with candy inside. Perfect.

Coffin cake, anyone? How great would it be to cut into this and
find a plastic (or better yet hard candy) skeleton inside?

This was atop the packaged deli meats section.
Cute! Not sure that I like my sandwich meats 'ice cold'; nor do I think that
if they were ice cold, it would be something I'd want to advertise as a good thing.
But you can't argue with the display! Made me smile with much bigness.

Then, of course...
Aaahhhh! My fuel come the last few days of October.

Just had to share.

Oh and, sadly, Young Will was not with me last night so I couldn't get him in on the act -- don't worry, next time for sure!



  1. "Naturally high energy help foods" I love that euphemism. So then, you're not porking out on donuts--you're carbo-loading on 'naturally high energy help foods.'
    It's kind of like me calling gin "tiger repellant." Someone once asked me how I could stand gin, and I replied, "I drink it to keep the tigers away." "But," he said, "there are no tigers in Spokanistan." "See," I said. "It works!"

    And the "ice cold sandwich meats" sure sounds better than "freshly exhumed cold cuts." No, wait--thats a wagon filled with pumpkins! At first glance, it looked like Jack O'lantern and Scarecrow were re-enacting the grave robbing scene from Frankenstein.

    Ah, yes! Halloween is fast approaching! And about time. . .

    DDSP! and Maltybeads--err--Meltybeads!

  2. Your local grocery store looks much cooler than mine. And not just the sandwich meat. :)

  3. Too cool... Yes, retailers are waking up to the fact that there are Halloween bucks to be made these days. I went to Disneyland last year in September and was quite surprised to see the entire park festooned with Micky Pumpkins, etc. Wish the Haunted Mansion stayed "normal", though!

  4. Completely agree about the Haunted Mansion thing, Bob. I love the Holiday version and all, but there is just nothing like the original DisneyLAND Haunted Mansion... the handful of times a year I get to spend a little time back in L.A. tend to be when it's the Holiday version; it's just not the same. ('Course, the other time is during Monsterpalooza when I hang at the Marriot all weekend, hahaha!).