Sunday, September 6, 2009

The 'Skulls And Pumpkins' Post.

Skulls and Pumpkins:


Skulls That ARE Pumpkins:

Vito Corleone?

A Skull Inside A Pumpkin:

A Skull That IS A Pumpkin Inside A Pumpkin:A Little Skull Inside A Big Pumpkin:
A Skull That Is A Pumpkin And A Pumpkin:
It's like 'Go Dog, Go!', and nearly musical in its beauty.

Skulls and pumpkins. So easy on the eyes.

Hallowe'en prep posts coming soon.



  1. What about Nut Pumpkins?

  2. I may have to post a link to Nut Pumpkin... Joy Wilsher might sue me; though really, what would be worse to receive from her? A lawsuit or a nut pumpkin?

  3. Dude. everything you posted on here is awesome. :) I'm about to make my own skull pumpkin on a half-albino pumpkin, should be cool. I'll try to take some pictures.