Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't know how I missed this.

I read about this quite some time ago, and intended to give it a mention when the release date got closer, but I plumb forgot! Too much time behind my own bar, I suppose...

At any rate, as of September 8th there is a new 'Special Edition' release of Mad Monster Party on DVD, this time with Making Of -, Music Of - and Animagic Of - featurettes.

Amazon has it for $9.99, but your nearest Target, Wal- or K-Mart should be carrying them for a similar price (if not in the DVD section, then on a Hallowe'en end-cap somewhere nearby!).

I haven't picked up mine yet (again, I just sorta forgot this was coming!)... must remedy that tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to the music featurette with composer/arranger Maury Laws... love that score!!!

This is indeed our time to shine-


  1. Wait, it's really going for that price? Wowee. How fun! Can't wait to get my copy!

  2. OK, those Christmas/other cartoon trailers at the beginning are the WORST things I've ever seen! As Gram would say, "OH, ROTTEN!"... and she'd be right! Please tell me you can keep Kiara from seeing the Santa Claus one. It's BAD.

  3. They're pretty damned rotten, agreed. Actually, if the DVD cost a dime more, it would ALMOST not be worth it if you already have the other releases, except for some nice interviews and info... but the supplements are kind of dry, aren't they? And what's with no mention AT ALL of Gail Garnett's contributions? Hmmm... methinks you've lost it, Goldschmidt.