Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The 1,000th Happy Haunt?

Gone since '69...

Back for '09...

...The Hatbox Ghost.
I always wondered how many Happy Haunts resided in the Haunted Mansion. If there are in fact 999, then this 'initially-in-but-immediately-removed' figure, the so-called 'Hatbox Ghost', was the 1,000th? Or have there merely been 998 since they removed him, and they've been lying to us since 1969? -**

At any rate here he is alongside a should-work-fine-hopefully Uncle Forry. MAN do I need to find those glasses frames.
Smiles, everyone! SMILES!

Of course, one of those 990-something spooks rests uneasily in a coffin, and has been trying to escape for 40 years. Here, through the magic of wire, foil, paper mache and Model Magic, are his hands (well, my vision of them). I will have him trying to escape something, likely a coffin but it's a cool tribute no matter where I put them. (They still need the sleeves/shirt cuffs, which are on their way):

Lemmeouttahere! C'mon! Lemmeouttahere!

I like how they double as the hands that shadow across the old clock in the hallway.
Sort of.
I think they look better as shadows. Like most people I know.
And I know there's only one hand that moves across the clock face. Don't test me...

Paint-glue-foil-paper-tape-fur-lights-latex-batteries-wires. Is. (Are). My. Life.

** - which would be shocking because Disney never never ever lies.


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