Thursday, September 24, 2009

A night to be remembered...

No one likes admitting that they found something really cool at a place as redundant, wasteful, domineering and generally just plain evil as WalMart.

But what was I doing there anyway? Exactly... their evil is all our fault.

Because seriously, how can one not pick this up for NINE DOLLARS?

A brand new (released on Sept. 22nd) CD containing the entire original 1969 souvenir album, along with a 'bonus track' that is a 5 minute mix of sounds from the Disneyland Haunted Mansion AND a very cool PC gallery of the original booklet paintings by Imagineer/artist Collin Campbell.

This logo just makes me happy.

The entire book from the original LP is reproduced for the jewel case:

My favorite image from this booklet when we had the LP long ago; the Hatbox Ghost, whose design has, for me, always epitomized the feel and spirit of the Haunted Mansion.

The PC gallery displays each of the original paintings (therefore no text) for the booklet, and conveniently offers a 'print' function. So now you can have excellent high-res prints of all of the imagery from this classic album.

A very worthy pick-up, even if you already have earlier recordings of it. No pops or clicks or hisses (which makes the kid in me weep a bit, but thoroughly pleases the archivist in me!), and that gallery alone is worth the price.

Protection? If only they had known...

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  1. So did you get one for me, your favorite niece?