Tuesday, September 1, 2009

But the days grow short when you reach September.

September 1st, 2009.
The 'embers begin.

With apologies to my southern California family and friends (speaking of embers, poor folks!), here is today's Ozarks forecast:

Sunny with a few high clouds, afternoon high 76, overnight low, 49. Average-for-September humidity of 53%.

Two months.

The two most glorious months of the year.

Expect some real Hallowe'en prep posts soon.

And SoCal family, I'm praying for Jimena.

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  1. Forecast for my house: 104 degrees daytime, 90 at night. Eye-burningly sunny. Particulate air quality asthma-inducing, humidity 8 %, chance of rain any time soon is, oh about .5%. If by "soon" I mean before Christmas.
    As for local color? Brown. Grey. Orange... and not in a good way.
    Chance of Valley Fever within 30 days: 99%.
    I might as well shoot myself now. Can I at least come back as one of your ghosts?