Sunday, September 13, 2009

LPs and DLs.

Welcome back to the pub.

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone had a nice Saturday night... we had a great one here at the ol' S&P.

So I was talking with a friend on the UMA (would you sign up already?) about Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow animated feature and album, and as a gesture of friendly coolness I thought I'd upload my copy of the LP to Megaupload for him to grab.

I then thought "What the heck? I should be posting the link at the Skull & Pumpkin for EVERYONE to enjoy, should they so desire!". So...


This was a well-worn LP when we were kids; we still murmur 'the rich-est farm-er in the count-y' at appropriate (and even inappropriate) moments.

So... some Sunday listening from the pub.

Hurry up and get it though; I imagine Disney's crawlers are going to find it soon and Megaupload will have to kill the file.

It's only a painless 17.2 mb file anyway, shouldn't take you more than a minute or so.

Hallowe'en stuff to come soon.



  1. First of all, the opening song: Pretend it's John Michael Higgins in "A Mighty Wind".
    Secondly, the story teller: Paul Frees, I assume, but I'd forgotten so much of this (except for the aforementioned "richest..." and a few other phrases) and it's really not as great as I recalled. He seems to be almost running out of air, or nearly stumbling a few times. It's wonderful in its imperfections! Did we really sit through this a zillion times?
    Thirdly, The things I learned from this album but forgot where I learned them until now: "weathercock", "devilmaycare", "Shnooker and Shnaps".

    Awesome, once again. Thank you!

  2. It's not Paul Frees, though that would've been a natural choice (and easy assumption). It's Billy Bletcher; you know that voice too!

  3. It says 'Narrated by Billy Bletcher' right on the label in the bottom image! Lazy, lazy reader!

  4. FAIL. Why would I read it? I was LISTENING. Yeah, it wasn't quite Paul Frees, but close- and so Disney.
    Anyway, Gene dePaul? Can still see his name in Dad's writing in our old phone book. Why did we ever throw those away?? "Your Girl Answering Service" and Jack Webb....

    btw DUMDUMSHREKPOP does not exist anywhere near us. We are on the hunt, but so far thwarted. East of the Rockies? And if so, why?

  5. Actually I have only seen them at Jubilee... they are not even at Target or Walmart.