Friday, September 11, 2009

Another brief musical note.

I thought it was time to add a few more songs to the jukebox here at the Skull & Pumpkin.

The problem? I can only have so many songs, or files of so much size, at any one time on the host site.

SO, a few of the songs I'd had since the beginning had to go away for the time being.

The Ghost & Mr. Chicken theme, There Never Was A Love Like Mine, and The Gonk have disappeared. In their place, I have provided:

3. Waltz For A Witch, another great cut from the Mad Monster Party soundtrack. A very good tune for background when cleaning and decorating for Fall.

4. Hallowe'en Spooks, the quirky 1959 jazz 'pumpkin carol' from the inimitable Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. This is a shortened version, and includes yours truly on a fourth vocal part.

6. Old Radio Glow, originally titled 'The Pumpkin Glow Of Your Old Radio' (which wouldn't fit in the title bar!); a homemade track comprised of audio from a number of old radio recordings, ads, etc. This is actually the 16th track from my 3 CD Autumn compilation, A Scary Home Companion, which I made for family and friends some years back. Anything that starts with Bradbury and ends with Orson Welles... eh, you be the judge.

By next month I'll be changing things up again, but everything comes back around.

If you have requests, let me know in the comments.

Hallowe'en Spook out-


  1. Jukeboxes need to change.

    Back in college, I worked at a pizza joint that had a jukebox. The most played song on it was "Dream On" by Arrowsmith. One night, the bartender heard it one too many times and kicked the jukebox so hard he broke the record. (Note to you youngsters: thats like a cd with only two songs and made of black plastic.)
    The next day the jukebox guy came in with a stack of new tunes to update the playlist. He replaced "Dream On" with -- "Dream On." The bartender, quite frustrated by hearing that song again demanded to know why the guy replaced the bad record with the same $%@&**%$ song. The jukebox guy said he was not going to drop the top moneymaker on that machine!
    The bartender walked out the door and we never saw him again.

    Sorry 'bout the digression. Where was I? Oh, yeah, the changes. Good tunes, easy to dance to. I'd give them a 85, Dick.


  2. I wanted to listen to the "new" stuff, but couldn't hear over the stereo in the living room playing the Scary Home Companion. At first I was conflicted, but then realized I was crazy. WOO HOOOOOOooooooo!

  3. Conflicted, crazy, Hallowe'en fanatic, it's all good.
    And Fester, I love (and can readily identify with!) that story... and I can promise you the day will never come when Dream On is on THIS jukebox (I like that song though)...