Friday, April 1, 2011

Son of The Ghoul Goes West, part Lucky 7.

Well, dear S&P Brains, I have some neat news for the Skull & Pumpkin and its resident talking Raven!

I also have a favor to ask first.

PLEASE go here:

... and subscribe for $12 a year (and there are other subscription packages that go higher and have cool discounts and so on) to listen to the funnest, wackiest, Hallowe'en Hauntiest podcast in the world!

If you're a yard/home or pro haunter, there are interviews, articles, videos, regular 'columns' with tips for making props, just so many great resources for all of us. 

You'll even get to hear from one of the S&P's resident artisans, Shellhawk, as she regularly contributes her All Hallow's wisdom in each episode.

The neat news is, the 'Mad Props For Props' segment in this month's episode (#29) is all about our own Nevermore, the Raven! Chris B. at Hauntcast regularly features unique home built props and gave the honor to the Skull & Pumpkin this time around! 

Thank you Chris, and thank you Hauntcast team! And yes, Chris... you ARE worthy!

Now, I will say that Hauntcast is for the grown-up haunter, and may not be completely, comfortably safe for kids or work (unless you have a killer job!). But it's for HAUNTERS ferpetessake, and it's a real blast. 

Do yourselves a favor and go subscribe/listen, would ya?

I'll return later with an ode to the new month, new tunes, and a new journey to MONSTERPALOOZA!

It's April...


  1. Congrats! I will definitely be listening! Way to that prop, very much deserved recognition.


  2. Thanks for the shout-out, S & P! We lurves you!

  3. Lurves me all you want, just don't lurves me alurne!