Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An annoying aside.

HELLO dear S&Pers!

I am sorry about the dearth of updates here, but the time to sit and upload and organize and stay online to get it all posted has eluded us, and to be honest, is hardly a priority at the moment.

Lots of family visits, wonderful family visits, come first! It is fantastic to see everyone and we are trying to squeeze in every second we have together.

We are on the road and Internet service is dodgy, but by the end of next week we'll be back home, and I will have all kinds of Monsterpalooza goodness to share, including pictures, video, and even a brief meeting with loyal S&Per, the funny and fine Shellhawk!

I appreciate your patience, and beg for just a bit more.

We'll start having fun again right near Easter... oh Easter, how I look forward to thee!


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